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《健康女性 Womens Health》为女性读者呈献涵盖健康、美容、生活、两性与情感以及饮食与营养等诸多内容,她倡导的是一种积极健康的生活方式,区别于目前市场上其他同类杂志《健康女性Womens Health》不以空洞的封面标题吸引读者,而是以详尽的数据,科学的观点,充实的内容来帮助和引导读者预防和解决生活中的各种问题。杂志体现四个关键元素:实用+贴心,乃健康杂志不可或缺的元素;专业+活力,乃健康杂志稀缺的元素。Womens Health is the must-read magazine for women who want to live life to its fullest. Every issue of the magazine is a manual to better, healthier living in two key respects—physically and emotionally. Womens Health magazine is your source of information on fitness, nutrition, sex and relationships, style, beauty and more. With success strategies, fitness tips and fashion and career advice, the magazine encourages readers to take charge and conquer all aspects of life. Each issue has something different to offer, such as healthy, delicious recipes and fun weekend activity ideas. Edited for a well-rounded readership, Womens Health focuses on providing realistic goals and covering the issues most relevant to todays modern woman.English | 132 pages | True PDF | 97 MB

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