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《Modern Steel Construction 现代钢结构》是美国钢结构协会的正式出版物。MSC致力于创新和具有成本效益的钢结构设计,为读者提供有关建筑物和桥梁中结构钢最新和最先进用途的深入信息。 使他们栩栩如生的产品。 MSC专门针对建筑行业的专业人员,他们会制定并影响采购决策,无论他们是工程师,建筑师,建筑物所有者,承包商,制造商,零售商还是安装商。 MSC是美国唯一专门研究钢框架结构设计和建造的杂志。Modern Steel Construction is the official publication of the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. MSC brings its readership in-depth information on the newest and most advanced uses of structural steel in buildings and bridges by focusing on innovative and cost-effective steel designs and the products that help bring them to life. MSC is directed exclusively to professionals in the construction industry who make and influence purchasing decisions—whether they are engineers, architects, building owners, contractors, fabricators, retailers or erectors. MSC is the only magazine in the United States devoted exclusively to the design and construction of steel-framed structures.

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