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《Elle Decoration》在全球拥有25个版本,是全球首屈一指的家居设计杂志,提供美丽家园的灵感图像以及最新的装饰理念,新闻和活动。 具有方向性,信息性,时尚性和美观性 – 这是一本趋势和生活方式杂志,鼓励读者通过周围环境表达自己和自己的品味。With 25 editions worldwide, Elle Decoration is the world’s number one design magazine for the home, offering inspiring images of beautiful homes as well as the latest decor ideas, news and events. ELLE Decoration is directional, informative, stylish and beautiful – a trend and lifestyle magazine that encourages readers to express themselves and their tastes through their surroundings.

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