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美国数一数二的自行车杂志,不论你是初学者或专业骑士,Bicycling给你最新的越野自行车情报。 Bicycling is quite simply the quintessential magazine for biking. Whether you enjoy mountain bikes or ten-speeds, this publication is an informative and helpful must-read. As the world’s leading cycling magazine, Bicycling brings you a healthy mix of travel information, gear reviews and fitness articles. With colorful photography and award-winning stories, every page of Bicycling magazine brings the sport to life. Read up on the latest in cycling technology and the best cycle-friendly travel destinations. Bicycling magazine is dedicated to keeping you fit and healthy, as issues feature essential fitness and training tips as well as nutrition advice. You find bike and gear reviews for every cycling style and articles on the best trails. With intriguing stories on cyclingΓÇÖs most prominent personalities and photos showcasing the latest biking apparel, Bicycling magazine is sure to fuel your passion for the sport.


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