[Selfbuilder &Homemaker]建筑室内2014年7-8月刊英国版杂志


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Selfbuilder & Homemaker is published bi-monthly and mailed to a controlled ABC audited circulation of approximately 10,000. This circulation guarantees coverage of individuals who already have planning permission for a selfbuild or major renovation project within the UK, including selfbuilders, habitual selfbuilders, designers and architects who specifically work within the thriving selfbuild market. Selfbuilder & Homemaker is the only selfbuild magazine not only distributed direct to the selfbuilder, but also the architectural and design community responsible for selbuild projects. The selfbuild market is ever increasing; with over 20,000 selfbuilders obtaining planning permission every year, it makes it one of the fastest growing markets across the many building sectors. Selfbuilder & Homemaker fulfils their need to be regularly informed and updated with new products, procedures and legislation.


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