GQ Style 男士时尚PDF电子杂志下载(俄罗斯版)2010-2017年8年合集珍藏版(全16本)


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Published twice a year, GQ Style is the authority on men’s fashion, offering a comprehensive overview of the current fashion season. With the most experienced men’s fashion team ever assembled, GQ Style delivers the latest on fashion, style and all notions of “cool”. A magazine for aficionados and enthusiasts alike, it is cosmopolitan, individual and unique. Frankly, if it isn’t GQ Style, then you don’t need to bother about it. GQ Style will guide you safely through any style and fashion pitfalls that might befall you. Write in with your style conundrums and GQ Style’s Style Shrink will make all your worries go away. Learn who’s hot and who’s not with the most stylish man of the moment awards, and learn why – so you can emulate the sharpest looking of them, and avoid those foolish fashion faux pas.



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