[Attitude]著名男性风情Love and Marriage Commemorative Issue英国版杂志


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《Attitude》英国发行量最大的同性杂志,一本以同志为主题的生活型态与评论性杂志,探讨英国境内对同志产生直接影响的所有大小事务,婚姻、爱情、同志演员新势力、与同志亲近的欧美名流与最新时尚话题,当然也有值得深思的深刻议题,不过Attitude总是以一种乐观的态度面对一切,给予当代同志值得依靠的无穷希望。Attitude’s world-class celebrity content is equalled by its status as a leading player in men’s fashion. With more than 20 pages of stunning fashion in every issue, shot by some of the world’s most respected fashion photographers, our award winning team consistently push the envelope and set the style agenda. And it’s not just about entertainment. The magazine is balanced by serious features on a diverse range of subjects – from the US Presidential election campaign to male rape to body image issues, all from the sharpest writers in journalism today.


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