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《跑步者世界》(Runner’s World)是世界跑步领域的权威杂志,以向不同年龄不同能力的跑步者传递信息,提供建议和激励为使命,以帮助跑步者们保持身心健康,提高运动能力为目标,使他们的跑步活动充满生机。它主要面向的对象是体育人口里的跑步爱好者,其风格轻松,明白晓畅,文笔优美,故事感人,介绍的方法适用,并紧扣当前“跑步界”的大事小事和英雄人物,并引导跑步时尚潮流,成为美国乃至全世界跑步爱好者追求时尚的风向标和进行跑步锻炼的教科书。 Runner’s World is internationally respected as the leading authority on the sport. It provides the runner and health enthusiast with expert advice on training, motivation, nutrition, injuries and equipment. It also contains race calendars and reports. Runner’s World is enjoyed by dedicated runners and other athletes who use running to enhance their fitness. The articles contain information on the latest events and discover the stars and personalities behind the scenes. The magazine provides advice from the best coaches, and exercise programmes focused on any level.


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