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d+a is a Singapore-based bimonthly magazine featuring works of exceptional architecture and interior design by outstanding talents from Asia and the West. In each issue are core sections on strikingly contemporary houses, residential interiors with a focus on spatial design, and commercial buildings and spaces such as hotels, boutiques, restaurants and offices. All these presented with meticulous plans and drawings and stunning visuals to attract and enthrall both the informed, as well as the casual reader. The main editorials in every issue, which include the occasional provocative essay on the urban environment, art, culture and heritage are also regularly supplemented by design news and highlights, trend reports, and useful information on new products. Readers get an insight into the industry from interviews with designers and practitioners from fields relevant to the industry of design: landscape, graphics, products, interiors, building developments, etc. Constant positive and encouraging feedback from readers, both local and overseas, has kept the d+a team at Key Editions Pte Ltd committed to delivering a quality magazine that is uncompromising in depth and scope.


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