Your Dog – 11月 2020年 电子PDF杂志

English | 70 pages | True PDF | 34 MB

《Your Dog》是英国最畅销,最受欢迎的月刊,每期都包含您需要的信息,以使幼犬保持快乐,健康和愉悦。 在20页的“狗的答案”部分中,无与伦比的“狗”专家小组会回答您有关培训,健康,行为,法律,美容,饲养和饲养问题的问题。Your Dog is Britain’s best-selling, most-loved monthly dog publication – every issue is packed with information you need to keep your pup happy, healthy and entertained. In the 20-page Dog Answers section, the unrivalled Your Dog panel of experts respond to your queries on training, health, behavioural, legal, grooming, feeding and breed issues.

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