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《InStyle》这本新兴女性时尚杂志,每一页都以好莱坞当红明星为招牌吸引读者,是一本为时代女性度身打造的明星风尚手边书,所提供的穿着搭配方式已成为越来越多女性的时尚法宝。InStyle is the magazine for the smarter woman who wants more out of life, with its exciting mix of stunning fashion shoots, top celebrities, beauty advice and clever style. Available in a handy travel size, InStyle fits perfectly into your handbag, so can be taken anywhere letting you catch up on all the latest fashion and trends on your way to work, while waiting for a friend, on your lunch break or wherever you happen to find yourself!English | 190 pages | True PDF | 211.4 MB

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