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《Harper’s Bazaar 时尚芭莎》是全球著名的时装杂志,创刊于1867年,为女性提供美容、时装、购物、明星等相关内容,她带给了全球女性崭新的生活,开创了时尚杂志的新纪元。《时尚芭莎》已经走过了百年的历史,这位始终引领时尚、艺术潮流,倡导个性生活方式的高贵女郎,美丽优雅,犹胜往昔。Harper’s Bazaar is about jet set lifestyle and eternal values, Hollywoods chicest home – Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent open their home. Plus Falls new neutrals, 24 hours with Martha, Sofia Vergaras must-haves, gilded glamour, being fabulous at any age, smoky eyes, and more. Every issue of Harper’s Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle…English | 254 pages | True PDF | 337.9 MB

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